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By Stephanie Hemelryk Donald

I have been away from this blog for far too long. So today is just a quick catch up on the year of Future Fellowing and other activities, thoughts, and so on.

The highlights of last year (2012 ages ago now) were: working with some young people in Liverpool West on homework and so on, many of whom have made big journeys to get to Australia, and all of whom were really special. Anyone out there who could volunteer for Vinnies or other Welcome refugee groups, go for it, you'll be the one that benefits too. SPARK is the programme name.

Another highlight was meeting and working with Qiu Zitong. She was the postdoc on the Dorothy Project and did fabulous work - now she has been snapped up by Ningbo and is being fabulous there. But I'm not lonely - Lina Tao, Kelly Royds and Sarah Yan are all working as research students and my goodness they are a clever bunch. Click through to the Migration and Mobility project site on the front page and you will find out more ...

What else - discovering Texas (A and M, and Rice, Houston) through the kind offices of Tani Barlow and Cara Wallis. Brilliant exhibition of war photography at the Houston Art Gallery, and great fried jalapenos when not being quite so cultural.

Then there was the pride and joy bit - one daughter starting at Kings College London (this year) and another being bloody wonderful despite glandular fever in her final year at School.

So, that is a round up. More cerebral thoughts soon.

Rushing to the Modernism Centre for our workshop on Postsocialist modernisms, twill be good.






Stephanie Donald

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