Sydney Film Festival - Meet the Directors Podcast

The podcast of the 'Meet the Directors - Stories of Refugees and Forced Migrations' event at the Sydney Film Festival is now available at the following link:


Directors: Arash Kamali Sarvestani and and Behrouz Boochani (Chauka: Please tell us the time) and Su Goldfish (The Last Goldfish)

Facilitator: Stephanie Hemelryk Donald

Two films, two journeys, and two stunning cinematic voices that remind us how close all of us are to the terrifying uncertainty of being a refugee. Behrouz Boochani is a Kurdish-Iranian journalist, whose incarceration on Manus island has not silenced his professional commitment to telling us mainlanders what he sees, what he knows, and why it is our responsibility to change things for the better, but whose life is otherwise, excruciatingly, on hold. Su is an Australian woman discovering the traumatic forced migration of her father, and the impact of that knowledge on her own sense of being. In these films, there is a sense that the true complexities life must be acknowledged and faced, if the world, and perhaps especially for these films, Australia, is to find its own road home.

Each story of forced migration is a story about all of us, the world we inhabit and the worlds we make one with another. The films explore the central contradiction of life – it is long, various and horribly short. The voice of the refugee is the sound of human life speaking aloud – demanding the basics of a complex life: time, history, and enduring relationships with other people. These film-makers remind us how close we all are to the precariousness of conflict, and the possible agony of leaving home.