Competitive grant funded projects


Network Partner: Leverhulme Network Trust Grant. Childhood and Nation in World Cinema: Borders and Encounters Since 1980 £101,315.

This project proposes an interdisciplinary, international, and multi-modal interrogation of the appropriations of childhood in the cinematic imaginaries of diverse national projects. It will identify tropes of belonging, exclusion and inter-cultural encounter in world cinema will at national and transnational levels, and will facilitate a cross-generational, multi-lingual contribution to the question of where, how, and to what effect the representation of childhood accommodates the persistent idea of nation. Principal Investigator: Dr Sarah Wright, Royal Holloway, University of London.


ARC Future Fellowship Migration and mobility: the question of childhood in Chinese and European cinema since 1945, $887,346.

This project will produce a comparative account of the migrant and mobile child in postwar film, researched in China and Europe. It will contribute deeper knowledge of how childhood has been valued in key societies since 1945, and will bring new energy to international and domestic debates on the status, image and experience of migrant children.

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ARC Discovery CI-1 Posters of the Cultural Revolution: Contemporary Chinese perspectives on an era of propaganda, $312,000 (with Harriet Evans, University of Westminster).

This project incorporates documentary film making activities in China, and work in the poster archive in London. The focus is twofold: on memory and loss in a market-oriented State system, and how contemporary media forms deploy revolutionary period images and nostalgia.

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CI – Iconic Landscapes: a collaborative project with the University of Sydney (Senior Research Officer and Designer: Gemma Deavin).

This interdisciplinary science and arts project looks at how people understand local environmental challenges and their options to overcome them. Researchers will combine scientific data with cultural observations by investigating three different landscapes – seawalls (Sydney Harbour), rangelands (Fowlers Gap) and arid zones (Simpson Desert).

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ARC (Linkage) Mobile Me: Young People, Sociality and the Mobile Phone (With NSW Commission for Children and Young People). Investigators: Prof Stephanie Jane Donald, Prof John Grant Gammack, Dr Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson, Dr Melissa Sankey, Ms Virginia Ruth Winter. Organisation: University of Technology, Sydney: $124,000 (APAI)

'Mobile Me' investigates how, why, and with what effects children and young people are using mobile telephony in Australia. The project will involve young people and pre-teens from a variety of socio-political backgrounds as co-researchers in a three year review of the role of mobile communications in the development of social structures and friendship networks.

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ARC (Linkage) Sanctuary and Security in Contemporary Australia: Muslim Women's Networks 1980–2005. Investigators: Prof Stephanie Donald, Dr Devleena Ghosh, Dr Christina Ho,A/Prof Heather Goodall, Mrs Maha Krayem Abdo, Ms Genan Dadoun. Organisation: University of Technology, Sydney: $95,000.


Complete ARC (Discovery), The Cultivation of Middle-Class Taste: Reading, Tourism and Education Choices in Urban China. Investigators: Prof Stephanie Donald, Dr Yi Zheng. Organisation: University of Technology, Sydney: $340,000.

This project has a special focus on film, taste, magazines and print media, gender and the construction of a political aesthetic in urban China. There are three students and several co-researchers in China involved.

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ARC (International Linkage) Grounded Cosmopolitanism and Branded Cities: Australia, Europe and Asia,. Investigators: Prof Stephanie Donald, Prof Eleonore Kofman, Dr Tara Forrest. Organisation: University of Technology, Sydney: $16,000.


ARC (Fellowship): The Great Transformation: Accounting for the Shift from Cultural Institution to Creative Enterprise. Investigators: Dr Michael Andrew Keane, Prof Xiaoming Zhang, Prof Stephanie Donald. Organisation: Queensland University of Technology: $20,000


ICEAPS: Fresh and salt water workshop subvention (online and hard copy publication), $4500

ICEAPS research seed grant (with Robin Jeffreys). Television in Asia. (this resulted in Nalin Mehta’s book Television in India: satellites, politics and cultural change, Routledge 2009), $30,000

APFN travel grant (with Robin Jeffrey). Television in Asia, $8000

ATN Challenge Grant. Community Networks: Human Communication as a Source of Sustainability in Global Australia, $40,000


Communities and Places: Youth and Mobile Phones CRC (ACID), $8500

Youth and Mobile Phones NSW Commission for Children and Young People, $1500


ARC Discovery CI-1 Branding Cities on the West Pacific Rim: Cinematic Traditions and Tourism Marketing Strategies in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Sydney. Investigators: Dr Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Prof John Gammack. Organisation: The University of Melbourne $160,000

ARC Discovery CI-4 Internationalising Creative Industries: China, the WTO and the Knowledge-based Economy (with CIRAC). Investigators: Prof John Hartley, Dr Michael Andrew Keane, Prof Stuart Duncan Cunningham, Dr Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Dr Terry Flew, Dr Christina Spurgeon. Organisation: Queensland University of Technology $350,000


University of Melbourne Early Career Grant for The Beijing Children’s Film Studio: A History of Changing Cultural Attitudes to Children’s Media, $11,000


CI-1 Small Research Grant for Murdoch ENGLISH CDROM and Education in Beijing $12,500

Associate Investigator, Small ARC at University of Tasmania (with Professor Mobo Gao) for Australian Print Media on China Since 1989: Media Content and its Sources, $20,000


Small ARC Grant for Chinese Childhoods in Australia: Multiculturalism and the Media $9,500


CI-1 Small Murdoch SSHE grant for The State of Media and Information $2,500


Murdoch University, Library Resources Grant for Chinese Films, $5000


Small Research and Early Career Grant for Public Meanings of Childhood: Images and Experiences in Chinese Communities, $10,000